“A sound and efficient infrastructure is the backbone of every institute and its worth value”

Rainbow has been constantly improving building, renovating and sustaining a colossal infrastructure supported by efficient staff. We are on our way to become bigger, better and even more exciting and soulful places to be , growing in leaps and bounds adding new facilities and new dimensions for the safety, security and comfort of the young learners.

The whole campus is under CCTV surveillance to protect and vigil against any mishappening. An efficient contingent of security personnel are deployed to ward off any outside perturbance.

The grand building of the school consisted of four commodious storey with airy spacious and adequately ventilated classrooms.

Adequate water and electricity supply is ensured without failure all the time. The sprawling campus has a sprawling playground complete with a huge stage which is perfectly, pulsating with activities.

The physics, chemistry, biology and computer laboratories are spacious well equip ped and sustained to cater to the requisite of our inquisitive learners.

The enormous state of art library of the school is loaded with the latest information in hundreds of books which are added every year to facilitate love of learning and books among the students.

The computer laboratories of the school are equipped with computers and space enough to accommodate the students at one time.

A large art room dedicated to lovers of art where they can sit and unleash their latent talents in art and handicrafts.

The school is constantly planning to add more facilities for the benefits of the students. There are school janitors and an efficient team which maintains the infrastructure responds to the complaints and fixes up.

There is a dedicated team employed at the office which serves as an efficient communicating link between parents, teachers, staff and management.