House System

House system plays a pivotal role in a school set up. It makes every student an integral part of the school and is responsible equally to contribute. The house system is a remarkable way to bring out hidden talents in students and provide them scope to explore themselves. It is pretty momentous to develop qualities such as leadership & team work spirit in students.

Rainbow believes in inculcating values in students.

Therefore, the school has divided the students in different houses. The four houses are named AMBU, CHAKSHU, NAVRANG and NAVNIDHI. It is imperative to increase a healthy competitive spirit among students belonging to different houses.

Ambu – Interprets water, save every drop of water.
Chakshu – Symbolises an eagle eye
Navrang – Represents the nine colours which symbolise energy
Navnidhi – Refers to the nine treasures (power within)

House system is designed to encourage and increase competition between students and to create a supportive environment because of the competition and the identification of each student with a house, there is consistent encouragement for students to do their best. The system is inclusive of all learners and includes sporting, academic and artistic endeavours.

It promotes positive self-esteem, self-identity, integrity and pride amongst all students. Since each house includes kids from every grade, it fosters a sense of community throughout the school too.