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Rainbow English Sr. Sec. School is amongst the best schools in Delhi that believes in the ideology of Harmony as an essence of nature, which emanates life and energy making love visible. Our goal is to make learners efficient both at the personal and social level, creating extraordinary students.

Apart from just learning from books, we also encourage students to actively participate in other scholastic activities. The overall performance of the students is judged on the basis of achievement in the scholastic areas as well as co- Scholastic areas and activities.

Some of the Co- Scholastic Areas which are included in the school syllabus are as follows:

Thinking Skills – Under this activity, there are various tasks which include self-awareness, problem solving, decision making, critical and creative thinking.

Social Skills – These skills include Interpersonal relationship, effective communication and empathy.

Emotional Skills – Under the emotional skills, the area covers managing emotions as well as dealing with stress.

Work Education – Our School’s work education mostly covers computer operation and maintenance.

Visual and Performing Arts – Music (Vocal, Instrumental), Dance, Drama, Drawing, Painting, Craft, Sculpture, Puppetry, Folk Art forms etc.

Attitude and Values – Students are taught the importance of good values and attitude towards teachers, School-mates, School Programs and Environmental, and Value systems.

With these skills included in the Co-Scholastic activities, children will be motivated to do well not just in the classroom and exams, but also in various skill tests. This activity will bring a balance in the child’s mental development, which will help them flourish in all social, emotional, thinking, attitude and areas of art.

Several new co-scholastic initiatives have been introduced in the academic session 2020-2021. All students from Grades 1-12 have time set aside in the Timetable to pursue an activity of their choice. In addition to music (vocal and instrumental), dance, art and craft and cookery, a host of new activities have been introduced like Quizzing, Pottery and Photography.


“A school without music is like a body without soul”, said the great educator Don Bosco. Acknowledging the validity of this statement Rainbow has facilitated learning opportunities of both western and Indian music. Dance and Music has always remained inseparable and so we wish to encourage children to pick up both Indian Classical dance forms as well as the western steps. The aura of our music and dance room projects our vision. It is built with 3D illustrations and figures of famous musicians and dancers from both the East and the West..


In the highly competitive world of today children need to learn to be better communicators. Introducing them to public speaking from an early age gives them an advantage. Here they learn the art of expressing opinions on a series of topics, so as to tone their oral language skills through diction, voice modulation etc. in addition, other similar activities can also be taken up side by side to make them even better communicators. Some such activities are:


It gives the children yet another venue to broaden their horizons. Our skilled teachers will provide guidance, direction and opportunity in engaging themselves in a number of fun filled, interesting activities.


As a great writer once said, “Somewhere in the educational scheme there must be encouragement for the dreams and the imagination of youth. His shy fancies should be drawn out of him for the good of his soul”. We plan to have our childrens’ creative juices flowing by introducing them to the playful world of creative writing.

Language teachers will develop a curriculum to help the students to become more proficient writers while having fun and using their imagination.


School social workers are a vital part of the total education team. Working in collaboration with other groups also trains the child on the importance of working in teams. It helps him connect with others to understand their problems.

It teaches him to be committed to the pursuit of social justice. In addition to our students, we also hope parents will come forward to help out in our social work projects.


To keep the students grounded to their roots and uphold the strong cultural tradition, regular and well organized cultural activities form an integral part of the schooling system. It inculcates leadership and confidence in each and every student.